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To Edit an Event

To edit an event that has been registered, first open the name of the event on the schedule.

“Edit the event, Delete” navigation bar center of so open single page that is assigned to each event and tap to open the edit screen of the event.

※ “To delete an event” button will come out when you scroll to the bottom of the event edit screen.

To Switch the Schedule

Schedule for business and for private has become to separate. It is possible to create a separate schedule to also Dropbox on, if necessary.

  • Schedule for business on the device
  • Schedule for private on device
  • Schedule for business on Dropbox
  • Schedule for private on Dropbox

To switch the schedule and press the folder button cube_24 on the toolbar.

Schedule on Dropbox is synchronized between devices that use the same Dropbox account. If in addition to the iPhone iPad nor your it is recommended that you use the schedule on Dropbox.
In addition to create a shared Dropbox account in your family, you can also use such as to share the schedule.

We have put a link to the Dropbox member registration page for reference. https://www.dropbox.com/ja/